Laser lithography


The LPKF ProtoLaser LDI (laser direct imaging) system for structuring on UV resist-covered substrates.



Protolaser LDI, laser beam: 375nm; two diameters: fine (~0.8 um), coarse (~3 um)

Field size, usual applications:


300 microns

Writing speed:


100 kHz beam positioning inside one writing field

Stage accuracy:


+- 2.5 microns

Pattern design:


Software is CAD based, usual CAD formats (awg, scv) can be used with it. Arbitrary shapes can be drawn.



glass, silicon,…; substrate measures up to 10 cm x 10 cm



AZ (Allresist Gmbh.), coating: spinner: 2000-6000rpm/min; baking 100°C for 50 s on a hot plate



AZ developer: deionised water = 1 : 5, 50 s



deionised water

Metal deposition:


sputtering, PECS Gatan Inc.



acetone, at least 2 hours at 45°C